Your fast track to be a badass programmer
Programming school for 21st century
We trust in intensity, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, students will undergoes massive programming training co-operated by many professional mentors to ensure that every graduates are fit and ready to work in international setting.
We adopt CIRR to provide a standarized results report. We’ll open this report to public in every semester, which contain a compilation of data regarding our graduates, that will be maintained by third party to guarantee the highest level of transparency.
We embrace diversity, in fact, it is part of our DNA. We believe that everyone should have equal chance to thrive in the information era through programming. This is a call for all programming talent regardless of their race, background, gender, or religion.
10 million
Average Salary

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Onsite Immersive
Build your career through our immersive onsite bootcamp
Participate in real project
Get direct guidance from our professional
Career assistance
Experience working in professional programming setting
Gain incentive from your project completion
Remote Immersive
Learn anywhere and get a programming career through our ultimate immersive platform
Participate in real project
Work anywhere, code in a teamwork filled environment
Career assistance
Experience working in professional programming setting
Gain incentive from your project completion
Prepare for Immersive
Build your knowledge base to get into our Bootcamp.
Hana Alaydrus

Just start my bootcamp for 3 days, and it's been amazing! Since I directly join to a real project, I've learn a lot of things just in 3 days. All the instructors are really patient and understanding. Refactory is definitely an opportunity not to be missed! Thank you so much Refactory!

Hana Alaydrus, Refactory Bandung Student
  • Video Log
    Bambang Purnomosidi (github: bpdp), profesor Coding Bootcamp Refactory dalam satu menit menjelaskan apa itu Block chain dan kenapa student perlu mengetahuinya.
  • Video Log
    Azis Abdul Bachar adalah lulusan Batch 2 Refactory Bandung. Kini sudah 3 bulan sejak Azis bekerja sebagai programmer di salah satu perusahaan di Bandung.
  • Video Log
    Hari kelulusan Batch 4 menandai dimulainya kontrak kerja Abdul Latif Syafi'i, lulusan Batch 3, dengan salah satu partner Refactory di provinsi asalnya, Jawa Timur.
  • Video Log
    Ringkasan perjalanan Hana selama 12 minggu ini membuktikan bahwa coding bootcamp juga ramah untuk dijalani oleh wanita.
  • Video Log
    Merujuk Course Report bulan Juli 2017, lulusan bootcamp di Amerika telah mengisi lebih dari seperlima ketersediaan tenaga pemrograman negeri Paman Sam. Bagaimana dengan di Indonesia? Simak bagaimana Refactory berupaya mewujudkannya.

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