Refactory Mission and Timeline

Programming school for 21st century

Refactory mission is to empower our students with our immersive platform to ensure that every graduates are fit and ready to work in international setting.
We doing that by providing our students a real world engineering problem in daily basis. Thus encourage - and often times, provokes - them to learn, talk and solving problem as they are real software engineer.

Our Timeline

First co-founders meeting. 8 people - from Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Lamongan, Bogor and Medan - decide to setup a Bootcamp. Bandung will be the first city that held early batches

Oct 2016

Ground Zero. Batch 1 started

Jan 2017

Initiating Kernel, a program that will focus on programming education for kids, especially those living in rural and sub-urban areas.

Mar 2017

1st Graduation Day

Apr 2017

Initiating Dev Hub and portal Development

June 2017

Adopting Objective/Key Results. Sets first yearly company OKR, and Q3 company OKR.

July 2017

Open new campus in Jogjakarta

Oct 2017

Organize Indonesia Developer Summit

Nov 2017

Can anybody become a software engineer?