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We're a band of passionate software engineers and educators with an engaging curriculum backed by real-world software projects.

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Get a solid programming foundation
Refactory Bootcamp Prep is 80-100 hours track of learning materials, that will brings you a fundamental knowledge of software programming.
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Why Refactory?

We're a band of passionate software engineers and educators with an engaging curriculum backed by real-world software projects.
You will spend most of your time dealing with real software engineering problems, with real deadline
CS Foundation
Knowing correct design pattern - combined with your common sense - will help you live longer.
We won't bite.
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Read what our alumni said about their experiences with us on Course Report

I am one of a graduate from batch 1, this Bootcamp really boosting my skill and knowledge related to mobile programming and acknowledge me there is another important aspect which is soft skills. If You want to pursue in the mobile programming career, then this it is.

Harry Tri Wibowo Software Engineer at AsiaCommerce

Just start my bootcamp for 3 days, and it's been amazing! Since I directly join to a real project, I've learn a lot of things just in 3 days. All the instructors are really patient and understanding. Refactory is definitely an opputunity not to be missed! Thank you so much Refactory!

Hana Alaydrus Software Engineer at Triplogic

I am one of the bootcamp participants, during in the bootcamp i get more experience for how to start developing apps because we will get some lecture from fasilitator in this bootcamp like software methodology, environment to build apps, etc and we will also to do the real project that improve our experience.

Syauqi Rahmat Sugara Software Engineer at Sepulsa

In this bootcamp you'll not just gain hard skills in your mobile programming but also in your soft skills.. And the bootcamp is different from others that only teach theory and a little bit part of real coding, in Refactory we'll try with a real project so you can learn to create apps from scratch.. Come and join bootcamp at Refactory.

Devina Christabela Software Engineer at Netwerk

Refactory is one of the most wonderful experience that I've ever had in my entire life. Friendly and professional mentors, curriculum that aligned with the needs of software industry, real working experience in comfortable place, those all totally worth time and money. Thanks Refactory family!

Wanda Ichsanul Isra Software Engineer at Tokopedia