Remote Immersive

Learn anywhere and get a programming career through our ultimate immersive platform

Refactory is aware of the enthusiasm among young Indonesians to be a programmer. And while Refactory has run On-site Bootcamp, a more adequate capacity for such enthusiasm is certainly needed. Refactory sets Remote Immersive in response to this challenge. This is our answer for young Indonesian talents, to enable them to have sufficient platform to continue growing.

Remote Immersive is a Bootcamp program done online. For 8 weeks you will learn programming with flexibility and dynamic atmosphere without eliminating the aspect of intensity that becomes our DNA. Our Remote Immersive platform will drive your learning process faster, by putting flexibility as a unique component that support your overall skill development.


This is a call for all programming talent regardless of their background, gender, or religion. You are eligible to apply as long as you:

  1. Are Indonesian
  2. Are at least 19 years old
  3. Are strong-willed to be a programmer.
  4. Have sufficient ISP.
  5. Understand basic programming. You have to pass the online test we provide in this website.
  6. Have basic English understanding. At least you can navigate this website.
  7. Having a programming experience is a plus, but it's not mandatory.

You will undergo massive programming training co-operated by many professional mentors to ensure that every graduates are fit and ready to work in international setting.

We are looking for highly adaptable students

We select apprentices of our program based on their ability and motivation to grow in this uniquely well-tuned environment, working 60+ hours per week over 8 weeks.

Before applying to Remote Immersive, you should be prepared to dedicate yourself entirely to our education and its community: 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact our admissions team on:

Phone/WA +62 813-3059-8636 (Yusep)


Tuition: IDR 20.000.000,-

We offer 2 payment options for you:

Cash payment

You'll pay the total cost of IDR 20.000.000,- before joining the bootcamp. The payment will be finished after you are accepted to our bootcamp. This option allows you to not have any financial obligations through out the bootcamp processes, including after graduate or when you get a job.

Installment with down payment

You'll only pay the down payment in amount of IDR 4.000.000,-. We also open to negotiation for amount of the down payment. This option provide a flexibility where you'll be allowed to pay on several installment through out the bootcamp processes to after graduate and get a job.